Do your products make me look like I belong in a nursing home?
No way. Plenty of other guys already have that covered.
Which product should I choose?
It depends on you and your leaks. Different strokes, as they say. No matter what product you choose, we’ve put it through the wringer. We’re overachievers and we wouldn’t sell you anything that wasn’t up to our standard.

Plus, every Lily Bird subscription starts with a trial because you should get exactly what you want. If the trial doesn’t do it for you, just cancel or change things up before your first full shipment.
Want a personalized recommendation?
Take this quiz. Or, start with one of our popular product combos. If you’re still not sure, get a sample pack with a little bit of everything. It’s like getting the sampler platter at your favorite restaurant. But less edible.
What size underwear do I need?
Size matters. Below is a chart to help.CLASSIC FIT
Pant Size
Pant Size
How long and wide are your pads?
Below are the length and width of each pad we carry. The widths are a range because our pads are wider in the front and back than they are in the middle so that they fit your curves. There is also a little non-absorbent material at the front and back of the pad that is not included in the lengths.
 LightModerateModerate PlusSuperMaximum
Width2.25” - 2.75”2.67” - 3.25”2.67” - 3.25”2.67” - 4”3.25” - 4.25”
How much do your products absorb?
Our pads come in 5 different absorbency levels so you can choose the one that fits your leaks best.
1/4 cup
1/2 cup
1/2 cup
Up to 1 cup
Moderate Plus
Up to 1 cup
2 cups
Up to 1.5 cups
3 cups
Up to 2 cups
3.75 cups

Our underwear is all maximum absorbency.
Underwear, Classic Fit
2 cups
4.25 cups
Underwear, Modern Fit
2 cups
4 cups
Can I try before I buy?
Yep. In fact, we insist you do. That’s why every subscription starts with a $1.99 trial. Shipping is 100% free on the trial. We’re not your mom, so we think you should get exactly what you want. Like ice cream for breakfast. If the trial doesn’t work for you, you’ll have time to cancel your subscription before your first box ships.
I’ve already got some pantyliners/maxi pads under my sink. Can’t I just use those?
No, please don’t. The short story is that blood and urine are very different. Menstrual products can make your leaks leak, your skin burn, and your nose say "pee-ew." (Wait, your nose can talk?). Do yourself a favor and get a product made specially for bladder leaks.

The longer story? Period pads and pantyliners don’t absorb as fast so they’re more likely to feel wet and pee is more likely to end up down your leg. Plus, pads for bladder leaks neutralize the acid in urine which helps with odor and skin irritation. Check out this blog post for more on why you don’t want to use a pantyliner for leaks.
What are your products made out of?
While the details are top secret, Lily Bird products include multiple layers of super comfy, super absorbent materials. They wisk urine away faster than a speeding bullet. If you've got questions about anything specific, shoot us a message.
Are your products hypoallergenic?
No. But they don’t contain latex, either.
Are your products scented?
Nope. We leave fancy scents to Mother Nature. Our odor control technology works without perfumes since fragrances can cause skin irritation.
What do I do with these things after I wear them?
Toss in the trash. Don’t flush. The fishes -- and your local water processing plant -- will thank you.
Can I find your products in a store?
Nope. And that means there’s no risk of running into Maryanne from the kids’ school or Jim from the office (your office, not The Office. Not that you’d want either). And no puzzling over piles of fancy packaging.
Where are these things made?
Our pads and classic fit underwear are made in North America. Our modern fit underwear is made in Thailand. And regardless of their origin, they're all made from high quality ingredients free of latex and allergens.


We designed Lily Bird’s Pumpkin & Cranberry supplement to support holistic bladder health with its special, hand-picked combination of pumpkin seed, cranberry, soy germ, and Vitamin D. We weren’t trying to make Thanksgiving dinner in pill form, but there’s no denying that it is our favorite holiday.
Not exactly. But it can help support urinary health.

Lily Bird’s Cranberry & Pumpkin supplement was designed to help you skip to the loo less around the clock, help decrease that gotta-go feeling, and even help tone and strengthen your bladder and pelvic floor muscles.*

Plus, with 500mg of cranberry per serving, two of these pills per day may help keep that below-the-belt fire-breathing dragon at bay (according to limited scientific evidence, says the FDA). What dragon exactly, you ask? Those pesky recurrent UTI dragons.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
We don’t know of any interactions between the Lily Bird Cranberry & Pumpkin supplement and other supplements or medications. But, we can’t tell you yay or nay for sure. You know who can, though? Your doctor. Give ’em a ring to make sure your Lily Bird supplement won’t interact with any of your existing medications.
Lily Bird’s Pumpkin & Cranberry supplement works best when you take it consistently. Whether you set alarms on your phone or tie strings around your fingers, remember to take one pill twice a day. And you’ll want to let it work its magic for at least 6-12 weeks before you see what it can really do.
There are no known side effects of Lily Bird’s Pumpkin & Cranberry supplement. But if you’re worried about anything at all, please give your doctor a ring.
You’ll want to let this pill work its magic for at least 6-12 weeks before you see its full potential.
Yes. Lily Bird’s Cranberry & Pumpkin supplement contains soy. Combined with pumpkin seed especially, soy is one of the best ingredients for supporting bladder health. But if you’re allergic to soy, please skip this supplement.
We follow GMP guidelines to a tee to avoid any cross contamination. Plus, the manufacturing takes place in a peanut free facility.
These little pills are happiest in a cool, dry place. So avoid storing the bottle in your sauna or hot tub. But don’t worry about occasional exposure to heat, like if you live in Phoenix or Las Vegas and it sits on your front porch for a little while after delivery.
  • Vegetarian? Yes
  • Vegan? No
  • Organic? No
  • Preservative Free? Yes
  • Hormone free? Yes
  • Antibiotic free? Yes
  • Kosher? No
  • Halal? Yes, but not certified.
  • Gluten free? Yes, but not certified.
  • Yeast free? Yes
  • Lactose free? Yes
  • GMO free? Yes, but not certified.

Your Plan

How does my subscription work?
It’s your leaks, your rules. You pick the product (or a combo, if you’re feeling fancy) and how often you need them sent. We send you a trial and then ongoing shipments of whatever products you’ve chosen. You can even adjust things as you go, adding or skipping shipments to match your spritz schedule. You call the shots. And, you even get an extra discount when you add more stuff to your orders!
Am I going to forget I have this subscription and end up with a bunch of charges on my credit card?
We get it. Some subscription companies can be sketchy. Pretty soon they’ve charged you a ton without you even knowing it. We promise we're not like that. We hate those guys too. With Lily Bird you’ll get an email 3 days before every shipment goes out so there’s plenty of time to make changes. If you want to cancel or change your shipments, just call us at 1 (833) 444-9477 or email You can also make a lot of changes yourself in your online account.
Is it free to join?
Of course. No silly membership or initiation fees here.
How can I change my subscription?
Give us a jingle at 1 (833) 444-9477 or We’ll get things adjusted for you pronto. You can also make a lot of changes yourself in your online account.
I misjudged how many products I need. How do I change this?
No biggie. We know that leaks sometimes have a mind of their own. Give us a ring at 1 (833) 444-9477 or email and we can switch things around for you. You can also make a lot of changes yourself in your online account.
What if I don’t need more products?
Skipping out on a shipment here or there is no problem. Your wish is our command. We’re only a call away at 1 (833) 444-9477 and You can also skip upcoming shipments in your online account.
What’s the deadline to skip my order?
Skipping (or un-skipping) an order is easier than skipping to the loo. Just call us by 5pm Pacific the day before your subscription renews or skip the shipment in your online account. If you skip after midnight on your renewal date, your order may have already processed. But call us anyway because we may be able to stop our warehouse elves before they drop your package in the mail.
What if I need some extra products or if I need more products before my next box is scheduled to arrive?
Sure thing, you’ve got it. Call us at 1 (833) 444-9477 or email and we’ll send it your way pronto.
Can I buy in bulk?
Yep. We typically ship in packages of 60 or 90 but we’re super flexible so just let us know what you need. You can add shipments if you need to stock up before vacation, for example. Send us a postcard from that fancy trip you’re taking, won’t you?
I’m taking a trip and want to send you a postcard. Where do I send it?
We can’t wait to add yours to our collection. Here’s where we get our snail mail: Lily Bird, Inc., 421 Holcomb Avenue, Reno, NV 89502
What’s in the trial?
The first box in your subscription is a trial which is 10 samples of any pad or underwear product that is part of your regular shipment. If you have cleansing cloths in your ongoing shipments, your trial will include 3 individually wrapped cloths.
What’s your cancellation policy?
You can cancel your subscription any time. Yes, really. We’re not one of those companies that makes it impossible to cancel or makes you shell out the big bucks just to break up. Promise. We hate those guys, too.
How do I cancel?
Holler at us at 1 (833) 444-9477 or and we’ll put a stop to everything. And by everything we mean your subscription.
Is there a charge to re-subscribe after cancelling?
No, but we’d recommend that you skip a shipment instead. You wouldn’t want to cancel Christmas, after all.
What's your return and refund policy?
Because of the intimate nature of our products, we can’t accept returns for any open bags of products.

If you decide you don’t want a shipment while its still on its way to you, the best approach is to refuse delivery of the shipment. That will get the box on its way back to us. Once we receive the box, we will refund your payment, minus a $9 restocking fee.

If you’ve already received the shipment, you have two options. The first option is that you can donate the products to a local organization that helps those in need, such as a women’s shelter. If it’s been less than 30 days since you received the shipment, your second option is to mail back any unopened bags of products. Once the return arrives to us, we will refund your payment, minus a $9 restocking fee and the cost of the prepaid label, if we provided one to you.

On The Money

How can I pay?
We take most kinds of plastic. Not like Saran but, you know, the money kind. Any major credit or debit card will do the trick. Not into plastic? We take Paypal too.
Can I use my HSA or FSA?
Like most things in life: it depends. Our pads and underwear are HSA and FSA eligible but our cleansing cloths aren’t. Check with your HSA or FSA to confirm what they cover. We recommend using your funds by submitting for reimbursement so you can separate out which items are and aren’t HSA or FSA eligible.
Do you take medicare or medicaid or any other kind of insurance?
We don’t, unfortunately. But we put together this helpful guide about using insurance for bladder leak products. For medicare or medicaid, try giving your local state medicare or medicaid office a shout (not literally, we don’t want you to lose your voice). Often they’re picky about which products they’ll reimburse for.
How can I update my billing info?
Drop us a line at 1 (833) 444-9477 or and we’ll get it done. Or, update your payment information yourself in your online account.
When do you charge me?
We charge just after midnight on the day your shipment says “Adios!” to our warehouse and grabs its one-way ticket to your front door. 👋
Do you charge sales tax?
Only in Nevada and Kentucky. Sorry to collect your silver, but we’re rule followers over here and the Feds say we have to.

Zippy Shippy

How often do I get a shipment?
Our default shipping schedule gives you one of each pad or pair of underwear each day. But, we’re as flexible as a gold medal gymnast, so just let us know what you need.
What shipping carrier do you use?
Like most things in life, it depends. If you can only accept packages from certain carriers (like the tall, dark, and handsome ones? Us too.), let us know and we’ll waive our magic wands.
I moved. How do I update my shipping address?
Congrats on the new digs. Drop us a line at 1 (833) 444-9477 or and we’ll make sure your next shipment goes to the right spot. You can also update your shipping address yourself in your online account.
Do you ship to P.O. boxes?
Yep, we can ship a box to your box, no problemo.
Where do you ship?
Anywhere in the 50 Nifty (that’s the U.S.). And Puerto Rico too!
Is a signature required?
Nope. Not unless you ask us to. Keep on keepin’ on.
Can I track my shipments?
When your shipment leaves our warehouse, you’ll get an email with tracking information. You can also always give us a jingle at 1 (833) 444-9477 or and we’ll fill you in faster than a Sudoku. And, you can additionally track your shipments yourself in your online account.
How fast do you ship?
We’ll have your trial to you in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. And if you don’t know any lambs, that’s in 3-4 business days. Most full shipments should arrive in 3-4 business days or less, except to eastern Montana or parts of South Dakota.
My shipment is all messed up. What should I do?
Ugh, sorry. Hop on the phone or bounce on over to your computer. We’re all ears for you at 1 (833) 444-9477 or And we’ll fix whatever’s wrong quick like a bunny.
How much does shipping cost?
For orders $40 and over, it’s : Nada. Zilch. Zero. As in, $0. For all others, it’s $5.99. For our friends in Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, there’s an additional $10.99 handling fee as well.

Private Parts (aka Privacy)

How do you secure my family’s jewels?
There’s nothing worse than untangling a mess of credit card fraud or a stolen identity. That’s why we use top secret crime fighting skills to make sure the bad guys don’t get your goods. And by goods we mean things like your passwords and payment info. Get your mind out of the gutter. If you wanna get technical, we’re Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. And if you really want in on #nerdnation, check out our privacy policy.
How do you use my information?
Leaks aren’t exactly something you want to sing about from the rooftops. We get that. That’s why we only use your personal information to provide you with top notch service. Buh-bye, 3rd parties, nothing to see here. If you want the deets and enjoy lawyer speak, check out our privacy policy.
Who else trusts you? CIA? FBI?
Well, we aren’t buddy buddy with the CIA or FBI quite yet, but these other guys have checked us out and gave us a big thumbs up. According to their special agents’ reports, we are “rock solid.”