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What’s In A Wipes Package?

Shakespeare once said, “What’s in a name?” Here at Lily Bird, we like to say, “What’s in a package?” …Wipes package, that is. We’re no Shakespeare by any means, but we do produce quality packaging and products that could make your rose smell as sweet. Lily Bird Cleansing Cloths are the perfect product to help freshen up the skin, vagina, and everything that lies in between with no fuss. 

You’re likely wondering: what exactly makes these little wipes so special? What differentiates Lily Bird Cloths packaging from all the other ho-hum wipes out in the market? Here’s a quick rundown so you can decide if these wipes are good enough for your pipes. 

Wipes Worth Bragging About 

We don’t like to play favorites among our products, because let’s be honest, they’re all pretty amazing. However, with our wipes, you’ll be able to break up with your plumber since they’re completely flushable. In addition, our cleansing wipes contain soothing ingredients of aloe, chamomile, and coconut, which your bum will appreciate. 

The Only Reaction Worth Having With A Wipes Package

The only reaction you’ll have with our fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, no alcohol or dye wipes is satisfaction. We skipped the parabens and aluminum too to reduce the likelihood of allergic reactions for you. In addition, latex and sulfates aren’t really our jam, so you won’t find those in our wipes, which is another win for you. 

A Quick, Fresh Fix You Won’t Forget

Whether you need a quick moisture refresh in the middle of the day or need to clean up a messy moment (thanks to our friend incontinence), these cleansing wipes can swoop in and save the day. 

But, don’t just take our word for it. These wipes have been gynecologically tested and given a big ol’ thumbs up by the professionals. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about throwing your vagina into a funk, either. Cleansing wipes that are effective and safe for your entire body? Yeah, even we have to pinch ourselves sometimes. 

Packaging…Also Worth Bragging About

What can we say? We’re biased for a good reason, but wait, there’s more. We’ve fit the Lily Bird Cleansing Cloths into two packaging options for added convenience. So whether you want discretion, easy handling, or easy traveling, we’ve got a package for that. 

Regular Wipes Package

The regular packaging for these magic little wipes is a favorite because it makes them easy to keep at home. They’re thin enough to store away in your bathroom, bedroom, or even near your doorway. Hey, we’re not going to judge you for grabbing one before you head out the door because who are we to judge when a moisture refresh is needed?

Individual Wipes Package

There’s just something so satisfying about having your wipes neatly separated into individual packages for you to grab and go. Also, individual packaging for the wipes can make it easy for you to store them if you want to get a bit fancy. You know, like store them in a cute little jar by your bedside stand or a small wicker basket on your bathroom counter. 

Also, individual packaging makes these wipes the perfect companion for you on the go. Just throw them into your purse, backpack, or belt bag, and you’ve got the perfect cleansing wipe with you for the road. So whether you need a wipe after hanging out with a date, spending some time in a public restroom you wish you hadn’t, or going for a quick lunchtime workout, Lily Bird Cleansing Cloths are right there every step of the way. 

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To Wipe Or Not To Wipe? 

Nowadays, you want to have a few wipes that can allow you a quick burst of moisture and a clean feeling no matter where you are. Lily Bird Cleansing Cloths are the perfect companion, whether you’re cleaning up at home or on the go. We know carrying a big, chunky, and noisy package of wipes isn’t always the most subtle, which is why we favor discreet and thin packaging that can sneak along with you no matter where you are. 

Now, to wipe or not to wipe? We say yes, definitely! Give yourself the gift of a reviving cleanse moment with a wipedown that will leave you feeling fabulous. Check out the Lily Bird Cleansing Cloths for a unique and refreshing burst of clean that works with your body, not against it. We’re curious, which packaging are you going to go for? 

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By Jessica Thomas, MPH