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Kegel Weights & Balls: Our Best Kept Secret

When it comes to the pelvic floor, Kegels are the proven method that can help keep things down there nice, tight, and right. As a quick refresher, or for those that just don’t know, Kegels are exercises that help keep your pelvic floor muscles strong. And the best part is that they’re easy to do, and no one can see you doing them. All you have to do is squeeze down and flex your pelvic floor muscles for certain interludes throughout your day or week. They’re able to help with symptoms associated with incontinence and pesky bladder leaks. Therefore, it’s only right that Kegel weights and balls are available to help give you a little extra boost while you work (or should we say while you Kegel). Let’s get to it!

The Underrated Heroes: Kegel Balls & Weights

Kegel balls and weights continue to be underrated heroes in the world of Kegels, bladder leaks and incontinence. As a result, we wanted to give a quick guide on Kegel weights and balls and what is so wonderful about them. 

Are you a Kegel newbie or a Kegel veteran? Either way, a little change in the routine doesn’t hurt, right? So if you’re curious about learning more about Kegel balls and weights and their advantages, read on to find out!

What Are Kegel Balls & Kegel Weights? 

What came first, the Kegel or the Kegel ball/weight? Much like the chicken and the egg, there isn’t really a definitive answer to this question. But one thing is for certain though, Kegel balls and weights have actually been around for centuries to strengthen the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. So what does that mean? Well, it means you can be confident that Kegel balls and weights work, as they’ve been around for a long time. 

Kegel Balls vs Kegel Weights 

If you’re thinking about taking your Kegel game up a notch, you should know a few things before making a purchase. First things first, you’ll find that many online sources use Kegel balls and Kegels weights interchangeably. However, they aren’t exactly the same. While both are meant to strengthen the pelvic floor and practically go about doing so in the same way, it’s truly a matter of preference. 

Kegel Balls – Best For Long-Term Use

Kegel balls are weighted balls that come in a variety of sizes and weights. Some of them come with one ball, whereas others may have 2 or 3 attached. They really allow you to see your progression. You can start off inserting one and advance to more when comfortable. Beginners can feel comfortable using Kegel balls, and more advanced users will still feel challenged as they tackle different pelvic muscles. If you’re also looking for something you can use all day, Kegel balls are a better choice. 

Kegel Weights – Best For A Quick Fix

Kegel weights, on the other hand, resemble tampons and small round, oval shapes. Some women may appeal more to Kegel weights because of their familiar shape. If you’re looking for something you can use for a few minutes versus several hours, Kegel weights are a better choice. We see these as a better option for someone on the go and wanting a quick pelvic floor exercise before they leave the house. 

But, Wait, How Exactly Do They Make a Difference? 

Both items allow your pelvic floor muscles to contract around something. This is something you don’t experience when you’re doing regular Kegels. By adding the ball or weight, you’ll be able to feel something being squeezed and lifted. The weight resistance training you’ll get from either choice will help you strengthen and tone your pelvic floor muscles.

Also, you’ll know your muscles are getting stronger because you’ll be comfortable holding increased weights and/or different sizes. The goal with both options is to keep the ball or weight inside until you’re ready to release them. 

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How Do I Use Kegel Balls?

When it comes to using Kegel balls, there are some steps you want to make sure you do to get everything properly ready. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap, as well as the Kegel balls themselves. Before insertion, using lube can make it easier to place them. 

Next, lie down in a comfortable position and insert the first Kegel ball. If you’re a newbie, some Kegel balls come attached to each other with a string for an easier insert process. Once you insert the balls as much as you’re comfortable with, you can tighten your pelvic floor muscles and go along with your everyday activities. Many Kegel balls can stay in place for up to 6 hours. 

How Do I Use Kegel Weights?

Weights can come in different sizes, so it’s best to go with the lightest option when you’re first starting out. You can insert Kegel weights standing up like you would a tampon. Once inserted, you can tighten your pelvic floor muscles and see how long you can hold in the weight. 

Unlike Kegel balls, Kegel weights shouldn’t be inserted for that long. Usually, 15 minutes is a good time to hold a Kegel weight in your vagina and see if you are ready to take on something a little heavier. 

Other Things You Should Know

Did you know you can even try different exercises while using Kegel weights and Kegel balls? It’s true. You can try a few yoga positions while you flex the pelvic floor muscles. Also, keep in mind that too much of one thing isn’t always good. If you use Kegel weights or balls too often, you could actually cause more damage to your pelvic floor. 

Removal, Maintenance…And Sexual Pleasure

Are you having trouble with removal? We suggest lubing up and allowing the slickness of the lube to work its magic. You’ll also want to make sure you maintain your Kegel weights and balls, as you don’t want to set up a yeast infection due to poor hygiene. It’s important to sanitize them before and after use each time. 

Psst. A little-known fact about Kegel balls is that they can be used for sexual pleasure as well. Whether you’re going solo or with a partner, it may be worth it to look into how Kegel balls can fit into your night. Just to get a little more bang for your buck (pun fully intended).

Take Your Kegels to the Next Level

Doing Kegels can leave you feeling tight and oh-so-confident. If you’re looking for something a little outside of your comfort zone, this is it. Adding weights and/or balls to your routine is a good way to work your pelvic floor muscles. After all, women have used  them for many centuries as a convenient boost to your Kegel routine for stronger pelvic floor muscles. So grab a Kegel ball or Kegel weight, your favorite lube, and get ready to work those muscles. 

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By Jessica Thomas, MPH

^ This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.