Lily Bird incontinence pads

Pads, Packaging, & Prices – Oh My

Big news from Lily Bird this week! Drumroll please….

We’re excited to share FOUR big improvements coming your way from Lily Bird for shipments July 5 and later. When we say customer feedback matters to us, we actually mean it. Not like some of the other guys out there. All of these changes are the result of *your* feedback, so thank you. Give yourself a pat on the back.

1. Pad Product Names

The names of our pad products are changing to be more consistent with what our customers expect based on the pad size and absorbency.

Here is a list of the old and new names:

  • Our Light pad is now called Moderate
  • The Moderate Plus pad is now called Super
  • Our Super pad is now called Maximum

Even though the pad names (and packaging — see below) are changing, the pads themselves are exactly the same. It’d just be rude if we changed that up on you.

2. New Pad Products

We are adding two new pad products to our line up so we will now have 5 pad options instead of 3.

One of the new pads will be our lightest absorbency pad yet, best for small drips and dribbles. This is our new Light pad (the old Light pad is now called Moderate).

This new pad is also different style than our other pads. It is like a thick pantyliner but of course is designed specifically for bladder leaks. Let us know if you’d like to give it a try.

3. Packaging

Who doesn’t love a good makeover? I do, you do, and our packaging does too. Our packaging has had a major makeover and we can’t wait for you to see it. 

First you’ll find that your pads will now come in bags instead of boxes. Plus, the pattern on the wrappers, pull strips, and pads is now a bit more streamlined.

Please note that the new packaging is not yet available for our Super pad (what we used to call Moderate Plus). But it will be available in a few weeks.

4. Prices

We saved the best for last. We’re lowering our prices when customers get larger, less frequent shipments. And by that we mean shipments of 60 or 90 products at a time instead of 30.

For our customers who already get 60 or more products at a time, we’ve automatically updated your prices and you got an email about this a few days ago.

For our customers who are getting 30 products at a time, let us know if you’d like to switch to shipments of 60 or 90 instead. Shipments of 60 will give you roughly a 10% discount while shipments of 90 give you a 15-25% discount depending on the product.  Email us at or call 833 444 9477 and we’ll make the switch for you!

For new customers — just sign up on our website to get the new prices. After you check out, you’ll have the option to switch to 90-count shipments instead of 60 to save more money.

We hope you love these changes as much as we do!

Founder | Lily Bird