woman running with incontinence

Running With It

The New Year is here, which means a lot of you are breaking out your running shoes, and prepping your gym bag. You’re excited to go to the gym, and you’re ready to increase your strength and endurance. You’ve got this. 💪

But, for a lot of us women, the thought of going to the gym – or going for a run – is stressful because of bladder leaks. Running means jostling your bladder, which may not take kindly to your new workout routine.

Here at Lily Bird, we’re here to help you do you, and that includes being as active as your heart desires. Below, we’ve shared our top 8 tips to make working out fun again, if running and jumping brings on the spritz and sprinkles.

1. Use Google Maps

Exercising outside can be super invigorating – until you have to go the bathroom. In fact, the stress of worrying about finding a bathroom can make your need to go pee even worse. You know what we mean, right?

When planning a running route, use Google Maps to decide where you’ll stop off for a bathroom break. Popular running trails and courses often have bathrooms, and if you’re not in a city then you can stop at gas stations, coffee shops and grocery stores. They generally won’t say anything when you stop in.

2.  Kegels

Often referenced jokingly, kegels are a real thing – and they work. Strengthening the muscles of your pelvic floor (the muscles that support your bladder) has improved incontinence issues for millions of women. And we’ve got you covered with both kegels basics and how to get the most out of your kegels. If you don’t see an improvement in 3 months, talk to your doctor or a pelvic floor physical therapist.

3.  Wear Dark Pants & Shorts

We love cute workout clothes, but you’ll likely want to stick with colorful tops and dark bottoms. Dark fabric makes leaks easier to hide and pads less noticeable.

4.  Try A Light Pad

A workout generally lasts around an hour, so you likely won’t need a bladder leak pad that’s designed for sleeping. Lily Bird has the sleekest pads around, perfect for fitting under your yoga pants. And you can even get them delivered to your door.

5.  Add A Pee To Your Warm Up Routine

Have you ever hopped on a treadmill, only to realize you forgot to go to the bathroom? Make going to the bathroom part of your warmup routine. Take your pre-workout supplements, stretch, and then go to the bathroom.

6.  Grab A Cup

If you’re exercising or running outdoors, you may want to run with a fanny pack, and keep a disposable cup on hand. While you can squat in a secluded area, peeing on yourself is not great – especially if you’re a few miles from home. A She Wee or Go Girl can do the trick too.

7.  Try A Pessary

A pessary is a vaginal insert that helps reduce bladder leaks. Some women only wear pessaries while they’re working out, especially if they’re into high impact aerobics or training programs like CrossFit.

8.  Keep Drinking Water

Okay, so this isn’t a tip, per se. But it is worth mentioning. Don’t avoid drinking water and risk dehydration while running or working out. Nourish your body. Being dehydrated can actually make leaks worse because it concentrates urine and irritates the bladder.

Alright, there’s our roundup. If this post has been helpful, make sure to send it along to a workout buddy that’s also experiencing bladder leaks. Sharing is caring.

If you’re ready to tell your bladder who’s boss, Lily Bird has you covered with pads and underwear for leaky laughs and dribble dilemmas delivered right to your door. Start your trial today.