Kegel Weights

Kegel Weights: An Exercise Your Trainer Can’t Help With

As women, our pelvic floor muscles take some pretty heavy punches, so it’s only right that we start to defend ourselves. Between pregnancy, childbirth, and good ol’ menopause, the pelvic floor loses some of the strength and elasticity that it once had. However, we don’t have to just sit there and let it happen. We can do something about it! Check out this piece on how Kegel weights can make your pelvic floor muscles the GOAT (greatest of all time). 

What in the World Are They?

If you’re anything like me, then the first time you heard the words “Kegel balls” or “Kegel weights” your brows sort of went up. Sure, I’d heard of Kegel exercises and the advantages that they bring, but Kegel weights weren’t usually a part of those conversations. Well, ladies, it turns out that our vaginas can also lift weights and those weights are called Kegel balls. 

Women have been using Kegel balls for centuries, but you’ve probably heard them go by another name. Ben Wa balls, eggs, love balls, geisha balls, and pleasure balls are all names that they’re called. And if you think that some of those names sound a little sexual, it’s because they are, but we’ll talk about that later (wink!). 

How Do Kegel Weights Work?

Think of Kegel balls as no different than the weights we use in the gym to strengthen our core, biceps, and glutes. Weights complement our exercises to make them more effective. Kegel balls go to pelvic floor exercises as dumbbells go to bicep curls. The weights in both situations allow you to work out in less time and see results quicker. 

Great, Now How Do I Do It?

If you’re ready to add a little resistance to your pelvic floor exercises, then Kegel balls are the way to go. The first thing you need to do is to find the right amount of weight for your current level of strength. Then you’ll want to add a water-based lube to the weights and vaginal opening for easier insertion. Once you’ve applied the lube, follow these directions:

  • Get in a spread-eagle position; which is simply lying on your back and spreading your legs really wide. 
  • Slowly insert the first ball (sometimes there’s more than one with a string connecting them).
  • Gently insert the second ball and so on as far as you’re comfortable with.
  • If there’s a removal string or loop, then let that hang out of your vagina. Don’t tuck it in because you want to easily be able to pull it out later.
  • Now, tighten your pelvic floor muscles to hold the Kegel weights inside of you and stand up. 
  • Go about your day. You can shower, do light chores, etc. for about 15 minutes.
  • To remove simply lay back down, add a little more lube and gently tug on the string. Or, if your weights are separate, stand with feet slightly apart, bend at the knee until you reach a comfortable squat and bare-down to push the weights out.  
  • You can go up in weight when the current size is no longer challenging. 

The Pros of Kegel Weights

The most notable pro of using Kegel balls is strengthening your pelvic floor, which leads to other benefits. If you’re dealing with stress or urge incontinence, then using Kegel weights could help lessen the leaks. It’s harder for drips and spritz to sneak out of a pelvic floor of steel. Pelvic prolapse could also be improved with the right exercises

In addition, women who are looking to tighten up before and after childbirth can benefit from Kegel weights. If you’re pregnant, then consider this a tool for preparing you for delivery. Not only would it provide a stronger vagina, but it could also spice things up in the bedroom. A toned vagina has more muscle control – tightening and squeezing – thus leading to enhanced sensations. Try it solo, then with a partner to unleash your new sexual magic. The last pro is that you can use them anywhere and no one would know. 

Drawbacks to Kegel Weights

So could something so good come with some drawbacks? Yep, but only a few! You know how your muscles feel tired after a great workout? Well, the same thing can happen here too so try not to overdo it. If you’re going through menopause, then it’s possible some thinning has occurred with your vaginal walls. This can cause a little pain, so it’s important to lube it up. Lastly, be sure to clean your Kegel balls before and after use. Proper cleaning isn’t really a drawback, but the infection that could come if you don’t certainly would be.

What Are My Options?

If you’re ready to amp up your Kegel exercises with the help of something like weights, then you’re probably wondering what’s out there and where to get them. Your local sex store more than likely has Kegel balls, which gives you the chance to see the actual size and weight of the product. Intimate Rose sells Kegel weights online that were developed by a doctor with pelvic floor problems.

For those who are tech-savvy and like to turn working-out into a game, there are also Kegel Exerciser devices. There’s the Perifit Kegel exerciser that connects to your smartphone and, once inserted in your vagina, lets you control a video game with just your lady-parts. There’s also the Elvie Kegel Trainer that comes with a free app chocked full of video game-like exercises. 

Taking Pelvic Floor Exercises To A New Level 

Now that you have almost all the info on Kegel weights, do you think you’ll be giving them a try? If you’re looking to decrease leaks, strengthen your pelvic floor, or become a sexual wizard, then it might be a great choice. And, if you are using Kegel exercises to decrease leaks, you should also check out Lily Bird’s bladder leak pads. They’re a great way to discreetly keep yourself dry while you work on tightening up. 

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By Jessica Thomas, MPH