Fun With Kegels
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Fun With Kegels: It’s Our Little Secret

What’s a workout that you can do practically anywhere and at any time, but no one knows you’re doing it but you? It’s a workout specifically designed to keep your downstairs strong, and also targets both overactive bladder and bladder leaks (aka incontinence). Have you guessed what the exercise is yet? If you thought Kegels, then you’re right! Having fun with Kegels is what’s on our minds today.

When it comes to our everyday life, we’ve got a lot going on. Whether it’s work, having the kids at home, or school, it can seem challenging to fit pelvic strengthening exercises into our schedule. However, all the excuses go out the window with Kegels. So, we’re going to share 7 fun ways to work Kegels into your busy day. You’ll have a pelvic floor of steel in no time!

#1 Have A Chat And Be An Avid Listener

This one is fun! You can call your best friend or just have a chat with someone in your household. Create a keyword that only you know, and whenever this word comes up in the conversation, do a Kegel! This will not only make you a great listener, but you’ll get a stronger pelvic floor as well.

#2 Take A Commercial (And Kegel) Break

Have you seen those TV commercial-break exercise sets on Pinterest? Well, you can do Kegel sets, too! While you’re waiting for your favorite show to resume, go ahead and try to do sets of Kegels while the commercials pass. This gives you a good chunk of time to get some Kegels in.  Let’s face it, commercial breaks are way too long, and this way you don’t even have to get up off the couch.

#3 Fun With Kegels While Cooking

Obviously, cooking requires us to stay standing. Whether you’re making your favorite dessert or cooking up dinner for the whole family, it can be easy and quick to do a round of Kegels as you mix, bake, and so on! So you can sit down to dinner and know that you got a quick Kegel session in.

#4 Read A Book

You’ll be happy to know that you can get a few chapters in of that new juicy thriller you’ve been putting off, and be able to fit in a few sets of Kegels as well. Similar to the first suggestion, you can create a keyword, and every time you come across it you could do a Kegel.

#5 Work On That Core!

All those core exercises that offer an intense workout can be done with the pelvic floor in mind as well. Considering the pelvic floor is part of the core, you can lift the muscle first and then perform the core exercise of your choice. Just doing a Kegel by itself can be an effective core exercise. So next time you’re doing core exercises, and you’re trying to decide if you should do the plank for five minutes, consider doing a Kegel instead! They can be a part of your sweat routine, and of course, it benefits your pelvic floor!

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#6 There’s An App For Fun With Kegels!

In this technological age, it seems like there’s an app for everything. You’ll be happy to know there’s an app that ensures you’re getting in your Kegels and having fun doing so! There are devices like Elvie that connect to a specific app and tracks the data regarding your pelvic floor muscles. It also provides customized training programs that base exercises around how strong your muscles already are.

#7 Look Up Different Forms of Kegels To Do

Did you know that there is more than one type of Kegel? Of course, there’s the basic Kegel, which you can do secretly practically anywhere. But there is also a variety of modified Kegels that are a change from the basic Kegel. For example, there’s the endurance Kegel, which entails squeezing, lifting your pelvis, and holding for a long time. There’s also the hip shaker. The hip shaker is standing with your legs shoulder-width apart, putting your hands on your hips, and popping your hips from side to side. You can also add a Kegel to an exercise that you’re already doing, such as with a bridge. By adding a long-isolated Kegel to the bridge, you’re not just strengthening your glutes, but your pelvic floor as well. I’d count that as a win, what about you?

Fun With Kegels? Let’s Get To It

Ah, Kegels, you gotta love them. While it’s easy for us ladies to forget about this group of muscles, it should honestly be a top priority, especially if you’re suffering from leaks. Kegels are a very simple exercise, and the benefits of doing them can ensure a stronger pelvic floor that combats symptoms of an overactive bladder.

It may seem tedious sometimes to go out of your way to do a set of Kegels, and that’s perfectly normal. Fortunately, the good news is, the Kegel is so simple to do that you can do it while performing many of your daily activities and even throw in a few during your daily workout. Therefore, why not Kegel it up!

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By Jessica Thomas, MPH