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Top Disposal Tips Every Woman Needs To Know

It’s almost a right of passage as a woman to learn the trick that will keep our feminine secrets concealed. We’re taught it by our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, or aunts. However it’s learned, the universal trick of folding our pads inside the wrappers they come in is a piece of shared knowledge amongst women about these items’ disposal.

But what happens when we graduate from menstrual pads? When we need to toss our bladder leak products in a way that is discreet, conceals odor, and keeps our private business, well, private? With bladder leak pads and underwear, the process of disposing of products while out and about, or even at our homes, becomes a bit more difficult. 

We’re big believers around these parts that bodies change, bladders leak, and movie sequels bomb. In other words, bladder leaks are no reason to be ashamed. But we get it. Sometimes you want to keep your private business private. So, we have a few tricks up our sleeves so that disposing of incontinence products doesn’t interfere with living your best life. 

1. Wear Products That Are Easy To Change 

One preventative measure is to wear products that are easy to change. If you wear disposable underwear, consider swapping them for a pad when you’re out and about. Pads are easier to toss in public restrooms. This can eliminate the stress of taking all your clothes off in public just to change your underwear. Those bathroom stalls are so tiny. Using a pad eliminates the worry of disposing of a larger product, too. Of course if this option doesn’t cut it, don’t worry. We’re just getting started. 

2. Invest In Disposable Bags

Using disposable bags works for both pad and underwear products and is an upgrade from the fold-and-wrap trick. Plus, you can get scented ones if it suits your nose. These bags provide a more discreet, secure, odor free option for disposal. They are generally opaque which hides the product from the view of others and locks odor in to keep your products fully hidden. 

Just as you would bring extra pads or underwear with you, it is worth carrying extra bags as well. They are thin and small, so the bags are easily tucked away in a wallet or purse. This way when you’re hitting the town or visiting a friend, you have the confidence to freely change and conceal your products without worrying that someone else may notice. 

3. Use Hygiene Accessories

One inconvenience of using products on-the-go is the tougher clean up. Being inside a public restroom or guest bathroom can leave us worrying about the odor we leave behind. Or any mess on ourselves from changing products quickly. 

A great option to provide an extra sense of cleanliness is to carry hand sanitizer and feminine cleansing cloths, like those from Lily Bird. Cleansing cloths help keep us clean and fresh between changing products and let you leave the restroom with confidence. Hand sanitizer helps to immediately combat any germs from touching soiled products or touching public spaces too. We’ve all come to realize the importance and many uses of this magic liquid in the past year! 

4. At-Home Disposal Systems

Within the comfort of our own homes we want our bathroom trips and changes to be as easy and convenient as possible. An option to consider for disposing bladder leak products at home is to invest in a disposal system made just for bladder leak products. These trash cans are airtight, lock away germs, and stop odor from escaping. This also means way less trips to dump the trash, since you won’t have to worry about doing so every time you change your products. And for most, less household chores means an easier life. Sign us up!

5. Take Your Products Outside

If the time is right and the opportunity presents itself, another option to dispose of bladder leak products is to cut out the middle man altogether. And by middle man, we mean the indoor trash can. Doing so will mean directly throwing products away in an outdoor trash can. 

This option will lessen the worry of others seeing your used products as well as calm your mind about any smells that may linger. This maneuver may require some stealth when in a public space, but is still an option. You might even place products in the disposable bags we mentioned earlier, and double the security of remaining discreet. 

Wrapping Up On Disposal

Using bladder leak products is not something we women ever need to be ashamed of. But sometimes we want to keep our business ours and ours alone. Thankfully, there are a multitude of ways we can protect our privacy and maintain our confidence when disposing of bladder leak products. These tips can provide us with more security than the method we learned so long ago. While we may not be your mother, sister, or grandmother, Lily Bird is here to help every step of the way. 

If you’ve been looking for a little something to help clean up whether at-home or out-and-about, Lily Bird’s got just the thing. Our pH-balanced and hypoallergenic wipes not only come in packs of 32 for at-home but also individually wrapped to throw right in your purse when going out. Get started with yours today.

By Sydney Scott