coital incontinence

Coital Incontinence: Solutions For Sexy Time Leaks

Picture this. You’re having a sexy moment in the bedroom, and things are getting hot. But in the middle of a certain stimulating moment, you feel yourself leak. It take you by surprise, and it may even kill your passionate mood, not to mention your confidence. So what’s this leak and why is it getting in the way of your sexy time? This my friends, is coital incontinence.  

Coital incontinence refers to bladder leakage that occurs during sex or masturbation. It may leave you feeling a bit unsexy, but be assured, coital incontinence occurs in 10 to 35% of women. And it can be something absolutely no one wants to talk about, as only 20% of women with coital incontinence will fess up to symptoms when directly asked about them.

What is Coital Incontinence?

Sex-ed definitely didn’t cover this topic way back when, but there are two kinds of coital incontinence which happen at two different times during sex.  

One type of coital incontinence happens during the actual penetration (whether it’s with a penis or an object). This is usually a result of stress incontinence, which is leaking during sneezing, laughing, coughing, and other physical activity.  

The second and less common type of coital incontinence can happen during orgasm due to involuntary bladder spasms. So while you’re flying high, you may feel an urge down there that brings you back immediately. This type of leakage has symptoms similar to an overactive bladder, like needing to pee urgently and frequently.

How Is Coital Incontinence Treated?

We know coital incontinence isn’t something you’ll want to utter during dirty talk with your partner. And sudden leaks while you’re getting frisky can do major damage to your self-confidence. But be assured you’re not alone. Plus, there are a variety of remedies for when the leakage becomes an elephant in the room.

When you’re fully clothed, pads and underwear for bladder leaks can do the trick. But what about when you’re under the sheets? If you’re suffering from a bout of coital incontinence, here are a few ways to fight the leaks in the bedroom:

Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to give you better control of incontinence, with the added benefit of enhancing sexual sensation and bettering bowel movements. The how-to’s on these very effective exercises are just a click away.

Experiment with Sexual Positions

If you’re in the middle of a sexy time with your partner, then you may find yourself wanting to experiment with positions that put less pressure on your bladder. Missionary style actually exacerbates coital incontinence symptoms. Instead, try doing it side-by-side or hop on top so you have more control.

Empty Your Bladder Before Sex

You may not empty it completely, but the more you empty your bladder before a sexy moment, the less you’ll have to worry about leaking during. And to make sure it’s as empty as possible, you can even try double voiding.

Shower Sex

Might we suggest a romp in the shower? Disguise any leaks and feel fresh and totally sexy with a little water nymph moment.

Speak to your GP

When it comes down to it, if you are looking for more specific treatments or pelvic floor exercise plans, then speaking with your GP is the way to go. Don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor. Think of it like this: you deserve uninterrupted orgasms!  

You Don’t Have to Accept Coital Incontinence

Coital incontinence is a bit heavy on the mouth, and definitely in the bedroom. If you find yourself experiencing coital incontinence during sex, whether it be with a partner or during masturbation, don’t be ashamed. It may be taboo, but plenty of women are just like you.  

A lot of women accept bladder leaks during sex as a part of aging, but there is no reason your sex life should be impacted. We all deserve a sex life that is fun and free of bodily shame. Luckily, there are multiple ways to combat this incontinence, and better yet, guarantee you the uninterrupted magical sex you deserve.

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By Jessica Thomas, MPH