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Bladder Leak Products Your Spritz Needs

Picture this: you’re enjoying lunch with your girlfriends, having a nice chat about who so-and-so is dating that you totally did not see coming when suddenly, you feel it. It. Your legs lock together, and you think to yourself, not again. You wait a few seconds, excuse yourself in the middle of the conversation, and rush to the nearest bathroom and realize that yep, there goes another pair of underwear ruined for the day. It can be tedious to deal with bladder leaks on the daily. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Let’s dive into some bladder leak products that your bladder, and yourself, will definitely thank you for.

There’s A New Boss In Town: Bladder Leak Products Revealed

I love bladder leaks – said no one, ever. Your bladder leaks are like that one pesky ex that no one invited to the party. You want them gone ASAP. Luckily, there are many bladder leak products on the market for you to take a stand against bladder leaks and show them the door. Gone are the days of having to make a not-so-subtle run to the loo. 

Here are some of our favorite bladder leak products to put an end to those annoying bladder leak situations. Get back to enjoying your daily life without the worry of that troublesome guest making an appearance. 

#1 Slip On A Pad: The Most Well-Known Of Bladder Leak Products

Pads…like the kind you use when it’s that time of the month? No way, José. These aren’t your typical period pads. Instead, they’re enhanced to meet your bladder leak needs. We love to use pads made specifically for bladder leaks because they are usually made of a thicker material but are sleek and have a discreet fit that contours to curves. 

For example, we made our Lily Bird pads with extra-absorbent material and odor-blocking technology. And get this, they also come in a variety of sizes. This way, you can be confident as you slip a pad on and go about your day without having to worry about the next time you sneeze. 

#2 Bladder Supports

Bladder leaks pop up when you least expect them, like acne. Bladder supports are perfect for supporting the urethra to stop stress leaks. They’ll allow you to laugh, run, sneeze, and cough like there’s no tomorrow. Bladder supports are little tampon-like applicators that you can just insert and forget about. The best part is that these supports give you a lot of bang for your buck, as they’re over the counter and available to anyone. Overall, they’re a great non-invasive alternative to surgery. 

#3 Change Your Underwear

I know what you’re thinking. Your favorite pairs of underwear have already lost the battle to bladder leaks, so what’s another pair going to do? Underwear that slips on and protects you against leaks is always a hit in our book. We want underwear that is not bulky or makes us feel like we’ve just arrived at a nursing home. Luckily for us, there’s plenty of great product options for underwear that protects against bladder leaks and leaves you feeling oh-so-fresh.

Lily Bird underwear is one option if you want to say goodbye to intrusive bladder leaks or incontinence. This pair of underwear will leave you drier than the Sahara with its built in maximum absorbency structure. Plus, it locks in odor, and who can say no to that? 

Say goodbye to bladder leaks and slip on a fresh pair of underwear that is specifically designed to kick bladder leaks to the curb. Sneeze, laugh, and cough with confidence, because these babies got you. 

#4 Pop A Supplement: The Simplest Of Bladder Leak Products

These aren’t your typical one-a-day supplements. Supplements specifically for bladder leaks will have your gotta go’s turn to dust. You want supplements that are specifically formulated with your bladder in mind. Supplements that don’t just talk the talk but also walk the walk and noticeably improve bladder leaks. What kind of supplements would those be? 

Our Lily Bird supplement happens to be rich in cranberry, pumpkin, and vitamin D, which are just the right ingredients needed to help you break up with your annoying bladder situation. They’ll also give you additional nutritional benefits, and that’s always a plus. 

But you’re probably still wondering, what exactly is the hype with these supplements? Well, for one thing, you get to take one little pill instead of separate pills for pumpkin, cranberry, and vitamin D. Also, with the ingredients our supplements tout, you might be able to reduce your bathroom trips by up by 27%.* So kick your bladder into gear with our little personal trainer supplements, and say goodbye to letting the bathroom be your hangout spot.^

#5 Bring The Bladder Peace With Pessaries

Our last bladder leak option is another one that you can insert into the vagina and forget about. If you’re dealing with pelvic prolapse, then a pessary might be just the thing you need. It’s similar to a prosthetic device and reminds us of a bladder support in terms of offering support to the urethra and preventing bladder leaks. But, admittedly, it may be a tad bit uncomfortable to wear and does require a doctor’s visit to get. 

So if you’re looking for something that feels a bit more comfy, we wouldn’t recommend it. But if you’re dealing with pelvic prolapse and you just want to go for a dang run without worrying about the leaks that come with it, a pessary may be your new best friend. 

Remember The Good Times? Let’s Bring ‘Em Back

Let’s go back about a decade or two ago and remember the good times when our bladders weren’t so prone to leaks. You could laugh, cough, and sneeze to your little heart’s content without having to worry about spilling your bladder’s content. Daydream over, sad face. The reality is that there’s plenty of us who are now prone to bladder leaks, and while we can’t go back in time (though do we really want to go back to low-rise jeans?), there are so many product options to show your bladder who’s boss.

Your Bladder Toolkit Revealed

So if you prefer pads, underwear, or a supplement to boost your bladder, then you’ve got a variety of options for bladder leak products. Maybe you want to try a couple at the same time. Go wild! If you’re interested in taking a stance against those pesky bladder leaks and becoming the boss in charge, then check out some of the products mentioned above. Unfortunately, we don’t offer a time machine to pre-bladder leaks times, but there are products out there that can offer relief, and isn’t that the next best thing? 

Are you ready to take back control of your leaks and tell your bladder who’s boss? Lily Bird’s got you covered with pads, underwear, and supplements. Whatever your heart, and your bladder, desire, we’ve got your back. Get started here.

By Jessica Thomas, MPH

* Shim et al. 2014. A randomized double-blind placebo controlled clinical trial of product containing pumpkin seed extract and soy germ extract to improve OAB related voiding dysfunction and quality of life. J Functional Foods 8(1) 111-117

^ This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.