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Bladder-Friendly Gifts For Your Best Girlfriend

Whether it’s an upcoming holiday, birthday, or you just feel like giving your close friend a little something special, thinking of that one thoughtful gift can be difficult. We’d like to give our friends everything they want, but we know some things may be more useful than others. We share a lot with our friends and look to them for advice and tips on everyday problems. Our friends can easily become our gurus, therapists, and even doctors. If one of your friends has told you about the pesky continuous bladder leaks or incontinence issues they’ve been dealing with, you may have thought there wasn’t much you could offer in terms of a solution. However, today you’re in luck. The best bladder-friendly gifts are up ahead.

Bladder-Friendly Gifts For Your Friend With Leaks

For your close friend that’s suffering from undesirable drips and spritz, consider getting a gift that brings them relief from pesky leaks. Trust us when we say, nothing says, “I appreciate you as a friend and care for your wellbeing” more than a gift from the heart for their bladder. So we’ve come up with four of the most thoughtful, bladder-friendly gifts to give your friend with bladder leaks. 

#1 Pads That Keep Leaks Discreet

Pads aren’t just for periods anymore. Therefore, if your friend has been telling you about leak issues that are making them self-conscious, give them the gift of a highly absorbent pad that instantly locks up moisture and leaks. This small addition will help them feel right at ease during their everyday routine. 

Though we don’t like to play favorites (who are we kidding, yeah we do), Lily Bird Pads are highly absorbent and discreet pads that can be worn under just about anything. This means your friend won’t have to worry about the dangers of an unexpected sneeze or coughing fit. In addition, with discreet pads that keep leaks away, your friend will be confident again. This is a huge gift in itself. 

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#2 Leak Defying Underwear You Can Count On

Those sad flashbacks of getting socks and underwear for Christmas as a child are a thing of the past. It’s time to let them go. Underwear is actually a very useful and cool thing to give, especially underwear with a contoured shape and flexible fabric. They absorb and lock in odors at a speed faster than your friend can even note a leak. Your friend will no doubt appreciate this handy leak-defying underwear, and you’ll get major friend points instantly. It’s a win for everybody. 

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#3 Freshen Up With Quality Wipes 

Does your friend like to be pampered? If so, they’ll like this gift. Consider putting together a pampering gift basket. Include a pair of cozy slippers, a delicious-smelling candle, a relaxing face mask, some bath salts, a few tasty chocolates, and throw in some Lily Bird Cleansing Cloths. These wipes will keep all the bits and pieces refreshed and feeling oh-so-clean. 

The aloe, coconut, and chamomile found in these wipes make them the perfect part of a nighttime or daytime routine. This is perfect for that friend that’s been self-conscious about leaks or simply just wants to freshen up. 

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#4 A Supplement A Day Keeps Leaks At Bay

If you’re thinking about making a little care package for your friend, throw in a bottle of our cranberry and pumpkin supplement with vitamin D. This supplement can offer relief from constant leaks and bladder twinges that may keep your friend confined to the loo.^ If your friend also loves to learn and keep up with the latest trends on healthy foods, this may be another worthy gift for them to try out and enjoy. 

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Give Your Friend Bladder-Friendly Gifts Of Relief

The four gifts above are perfect for bringing a little confidence and reassurance to friends who may be suffering from bladder leaks and are unsure of what to do about them. As an additional gift, you could even sign up your friend for a trial of 10 amazing products for only $1.99! 

We love our friends, and we want them to be happy and confident. So show your friends how much you care about them, and give them the gift of relief and confidence. This is the next best thing, at least until you hunt down Brad Pitt for that lunch date for your friend! 

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By Jessica Thomas, MPH

^ This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.