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The Bathroom App Reveal You Needed

You and I both know that sometimes you just gotta go! When the urge to go to the bathroom strikes, whether you deal with bladder leaks or incontinence, we never want to be caught unaware, or worse, without a bathroom to turn to. Though public bathrooms aren’t impossible to find, that overwhelming urge to go may cloud up your mind and make it more difficult. You may also be in a new city, on the road, and in other unfamiliar areas. So, in this case, what is there to do? Is there a bathroom app for that or are we just on our own?

Bathroom Apps For When The Urge Hits

Technology keeps saving our behinds, or in this case, our underwear. You may have heard the saying, “There’s an app for that.” In the case of finding a public bathroom when the need to go hits, there is really an app for that. 

With so many apps being developed, you may be overwhelmed with the choices while scrolling through your app store. Don’t worry! We know that traveling with leaks isn’t the easiest thing to do, so we’ve done the research for you. So now, all you have to do is download the apps, open them, and enjoy. Here are some of our top choices for apps to help you locate a bathroom. 

#1 Flush Toilet Finder & Map: A Free Bathroom App

The Flush Toilet Finder & Map app makes it super convenient to find a variety of public bathrooms or restrooms near you. With a mega database that has the deets of over 200,000 bathrooms, there’s no reason you shouldn’t find a quick spot for instant relief. Users love the large database but also argue that the app should include what type of restroom it is (i.e., a restaurant, store, etc.). This app is free, though, and if the features and reviews indicate anything, it seems like a customer favorite! 

#2 Bathroom Scout

Another helpful app to locate a bathroom is Bathroom Scout. It can help you find a place to go when you just have to go. With this app, you can get a handy satellite view, have the ability to rate bathroom locations, and even access street view to inspect the area near the bathroom of your choice. This app does cost ninety-nine cents, so if spending money on a bathroom app is not necessarily your jam, feel free to pursue the other options included for free. 

#3 Got to Go by HSI

Got to Go by HSI has great ratings in the Apple App Store and aims to put an end to you doing the bathroom dance in public. It has a really cool feature that lets you filter by restroom type. You’re also able to use filters to show what bathrooms or restrooms are currently open for you to make a pit stop. In addition, you may like that the app lists Cintas Sponsored Best Restrooms, which are award-winning restrooms that are amazingly clean and even innovative. Can you say fancy? 

Unfortunately, there is one downside to this app. It’s currently only available in San Francisco and New York, but more locations may be coming soon. 

#4 Toilet Finder

Judging by its straight-to-the-point name, Toilet Finder will work wonders in helping you find a restroom in no time. With over 150,000 public bathrooms marked on a map, you won’t have to wait around to get to the loo. Also, this app has a cool voice feature that can be activated with a simple ‘Hello’ to open up the GPS and get your restroom options nice and quick. 

#5 Where is Public Toilet: The Android Bathroom App

Exclusively for Android phones, this free app allows you to find a public restroom or bathroom with just a simple click of a button! You can also learn about extra features for the public restroom, whether it includes a baby-changing station, parking, and more. Where is Public Toilet is on a global basis and was developed in Australia. So, you won’t have to worry about finding a local bathroom whether you are in the US or taking a trip down under. 

#6 Resty: The Above & Beyond Bathroom App

Though not exclusive to just locating public restrooms, Resty is perfect for helping you get out of a rough patch. Resty can help find bathrooms, water fountains, and even playgrounds if you’re hanging out with your favorite kiddos. But, the most important part, of course, is that it can get you out of a tough situation when it comes to finding a public bathroom. 

Gotta-Go…And Now You Know Exactly Where To Go

At Lily Bird, we know that there’s just no ifs, ands, or buts about it when you have to go. With one of the useful apps above on your phone, finding a public restroom can turn a toilet scavenger hunt into a few easy straightforward clicks. Simply tap away on your phone and watch all the restroom options unfold. 

So go ahead and plan a road trip with friends or venture out to a new city without the worry of finding a bathroom when it’s time to go. The only tough choice you might have now is deciding which app to start with first. 

For a little extra peace of mind, you can start getting your bladder in check before your trip by downloading our bladder diary and getting started with your bladder leak product delivery from Lily Bird.

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By Jessica Thomas, MPH