Menopause Self Care

Menopause Self Care: When The Change Comes Knocking

Finding the time to take care of ourselves can be a struggle on any day and at any age, especially during a pandemic. But when we hit menopause, it becomes even more important to spoil and treat ourselves. Enter, Peter Rossi. He is an entrepreneur who has done research in all things menopause and he is here to give us the inside scoop on few things to remember when “the change” comes knocking.

Menopause Self Care and You

Menopause is not an easy thing to deal with. It is the time when a woman grows old enough that she eventually stops ovulating. This time can be especially difficult due to the side effects that many women experience. From the hormonal dysregulation to mood swings, from feeling sluggish to hot flashes and incontinence. This phase comes at quite a cost for setting women free from the problems that come with menstruation.

What Is Menopause?

Menopause occurs when a woman’s ovaries stop producing the hormones estrogen and progesterone. This usually happens between the ages of 45 and 55, but can happen earlier or later depending on each person’s chemistry. 

Importance of Menopause Self Care

After taking care of children, the dog, the spouse, and all the other responsibilities that come into play with raising a family, it can get to be quite stressful. It’s important to take care of yourself, even before menopause, as other processes are happening within your body. Being proactive in your health can help to prevent what could be a snowball effect in the future. Menopause self care is a big factor in reducing the size of the snowball effect. 

Things To Prepare For

Therefore, here we share with you info about all things related to menopause and how you can take care of yourself during this new roller coaster ride in the female cycle. Since this is not a one-time event, rather a process that is spread over a longer span of time, it is best to prepare both mentally and physically beforehand. The following are a few things to know about menopause.

Know The Symptoms

Knowing the symptoms can help you identify when menopause has started for you. While it is always the best approach to consult a doctor, you should still know the general symptoms to have an idea of what is going on in your body. The commonly observed symptoms that occur before or during menopause: 

Other Complications

Menopause can cause certain complications in about 60 percent of women, particularly for the ones who are already suffering from issues like hypertension, depression, diabetes, etc. A few commonly observed complications that you must keep in mind include:

  • The loss of estrogen may lead to cardiovascular problems. So do not forget to consult your cardiologist when you go through menopause. 
  • Menopause hits right at the time when your body starts losing its natural calcium, so osteoporosis is another problem that may arise. Make sure to talk to your doctor about your options for calcium supplements to help compensate for the loss with aging.
  • Weight gain is another common problem seen among many women. You may need to consider changing your diet or exercise routine to keep up with these changes. 
  • Loss of sexual drive should not be a surprise when you experience menopause. Make sure to communicate well with your partner to make sure you are on the same page and they understand what is going on. 
  • Incontinence can also affect many women who are going through menopause. Having a comfortable, reliable product such as the bladder leak pads and underwear offered by Lily Bird can make a big difference in managing this complication.

Menopause Self Care Tips

Following are some viable tips to help you manage things better when the time comes: 

Regular Baths

A nice long shower not only calms your nerves, but there are many health benefits of taking a bath as well. You can look for and order a two-person hot tub online to double the joy! 

Stay comfortable

Staying comfortable is not stressed enough when it comes to menopause self care. Again, this includes both physical and mental comfort. Dress in comfortable clothing, avoid toxic people and situations, and do things that make you generally happy, be it binge-watching or a long drive. 

Exercise and Yoga

Back in the day, women (and even some doctors) believed in the myth that exercising might disturb hormones or critical processes like menstruation, pregnancy, or menopause. The reality is entirely the opposite! Some good stretches are beneficial in all these conditions. 

Diet and Lifestyle Habits

We don’t need to point out that smoking is bad, do we? Furthermore, staying in bed might seem to be a good idea, particularly in this phase – but keeping yourself physically active and mentally positive is the key to managing menopause like a pro. 

Keeping Calm

You must keep calm to keep yourself healthy and composed during menopause. Parenting in pandemic is one particular issue most women these days are dealing with. The pandemic has caused a lot of frustration – all the problems related to homeschooling, working-from-home, shopping, taking care of the household – have seemingly been heightened but keeping calm will help to ease the stress that menopause adds to the mix.  

Ready For Menopause Self Care?

Menopause can be a scary thought at first but some self-care and being proactive can make it much easier to get through. It is important to talk to your doctor and do some research about what you may experience. Learning some ways to cope may be just as beneficial as seeking professional medical and mental health advice. If you’re experiencing any menopause complications such as a leaky bladder, don’t worry! Lily Bird has you covered with discreet delivery right to your home. 

Peter Rossi, a professional hot tub designer and founder of ByRossi.