• exercise helps with constipation

    Backed Up & Bothered: Constipation & Leaks

    If you’re reading this, then chances are you’ve experienced what it feels like to be backed up. The abdominal discomfort, physiological distress, and the urge to let go of what’s been holding you back. Yes, that’s good ole constipation for you! However, that’s not all it brings with it. Have you ever noticed that leaks are more common when you’re stopped up? Or that it’s more difficult to poop when you’re on incontinence drugs? Let’s get down to how and why constipation and bladder leaks are connected. When you know better, you do-do better. Too soon? Clogged Pipes: What’s Up With Constipation? The official definition of constipation is having fewer…

  • ballet with incontinence
    Wonder Women

    Ballet, Bonding, & Bursting Bladders

    When you go for a walk with someone, you can’t help matching their gait. It’s just like our unconscious mirroring of the body language of conversational partners. From a young age, reflecting the posture of people you’re around did more than help me in social situations. Parents complimented my carriage in ballet, which was just a facsimile of my Royal-Ballet-trained teacher’s style. Posture and form were so important that, I remember my grandfather, an uncommonly tall US Army Colonel, kindly badgered six kids and sixteen grandchildren about keeping their shoulders back. My mom, the exact same species of high-strung, fast-speaking, insomniac as me, always bemoaned dawdling walkers and traipsing strollers.…

  • woman with experience double voiding

    Entering The Void: Double Voiding

    When it comes to pesky spritz and sprinkles (a.k.a. incontinence), some of us women feel like we need to go to the bathroom all the time – even after just having been there! This can be pretty frustrating (and sometimes embarrassing), if after leaving the bathroom you feel the need to go right back in. Have you ever left the table at a restaurant to use the bathroom, only to realize you need to pee again after going back to the table? It’s understandable, but a little awkward. Welcome to “The Void” No, we’re not talking about a SciFi movie. “The Void” is what we jokingly call “double voiding.” Doctors…

  • hormones during menopause cause bladder leaks

    What’s Hormones Got To Do With It?

    Oh, hormones. The signaling molecules that not only influence our mood and behavior but also regulate certain cells and tissues. To put it simply, hormones pack a lot of punch. Have you ever felt cranky and couldn’t put your finger on why? Do you ever find yourself craving chocolate during certain times of the month? And have you ever noticed that leaks are more common during one part of your cycle over the other? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you can chock it up to your hormones. Let’s dive in to what hormones have to do with incontinence. Hormones and Your Pelvic Floor As you…

  • Woman with a urinary tract infection
    Bladder Blog

    Like A Bad Friend: A UTI

    Oh, the magical world of You, Tee, and I. Doesn’t that have a nice ring to it? It almost sounds like a great story about a group of friends or something, huh? Well, I hate to break it to you, but we won’t be talking about anything like that. Friends are pleasant and a UTI….well it’s definitely not. If urinary tract infections (UTIs) were a friend, they’d be the type to always nag, pop up when uninvited, and scorch you just for existing. They’d definitely be the friend with all the drama. And guess what else? Women are much more likely to end up with a UTI than men. Just…

  • Woman with bladder betrayal
    Wonder Women

    Stories Of Bladder Betrayal

    Last February, I caught a cold, which turned into a cough. This cough was relentless – I had it for weeks and it Would. Not. Quit. And if that wasn’t bad enough, I peed myself nearly every time I coughed – morning, noon and night. My body didn’t care if I was at the office, on an airplane with my supervisor for a business trip, or trying to have some “adult” time with my partner. If I was coughing, chance were, I was also peeing. I never expected to be living with a leaky bladder in my thirties. But there I was, peeing myself every time I coughed. And every…

  • A pessary can help with incontinence
    Incontinence Products

    A Pelvic Pressing Pessary

    You’ve likely landed on this page because you’re looking into different solutions for bladder leaks. And, while most everyone knows about products for incontinence like pads and disposable underwear, eventually your Google search will lead you to investigating what a “pessary” is. So, here’s the scoop on pessaries, including the pros and cons of using one. What Is A Pessary? A “pessary” is a firm ring that is inserted into the vagina and presses against the urethra. This pressing provides support to the urethra, helping limit the number of bladder leaks that occur throughout the day. Pessaries are usually made out of medical grade silicone or latex, and most doctors…

  • Swimming with bladder leaks

    3 Reasons To Hop In The Pool

    Summertime is such a great season! Camping trips, barbecues, and swimming at water parks are all so much fun. Well, water parks can be fun – unless you feel self-conscious about your bladder leaking. People who experience bladder leaks can feel uncertain about going swimming because taking an incontinence pad to the pool doesn’t really work. Luckily, you don’t need to avoid water slides and lazy rivers because of your bladder, and here are 3 reasons why: Pools Have Chlorine Some pools require a sort of waterproof swim diaper to prevent contamination. But, real talk, these briefs aren’t meant for bladder leaks (i.e. urinary incontinence) – they’re intended to contain…

  • how to talk to your doctor about bladder leaks

    Eh, What’s Up Doc?

    As you’re sitting in front of your doctor under the eerie fluorescent lights, you begin to shift on the exam table. You’re twiddling your thumbs, wondering if you should tell them about the spontaneous spritz you’ve been experiencing lately. You ask yourself, “is it really that big of a deal?” and brush it off as something to bring up next time. Then next time comes around and you push it off once more. Or maybe you’ve never thought to tell your doctor about your leaks about it in the first place. Maybe you’ve chalked it up as a natural part of aging and have found your own solutions. Whichever situation…

  • mom with incontinence hiking
    Wonder Women

    When Every Day Is A Mix Of Emotions

    Hi; I’m Liz. The first thing that comes to mind if you were to ask me what I did today would be that I peed myself. Yes, that, over an awesome jog through the park, a visit to the farmer’s market, or story time with my one-year-old. Why with all these awesome Sunday adventures does peeing myself come up first? Because, unfortunately, it is the unifying thread through each activity. Of course that isn’t what I would say to you, but it’s what I would think. Hello; I am a 35-year-old mother of one. My enemies are jumping jacks (I’ll never be a crossfit girl), sneezes and coughs, all beverages…